Hot Air Balloon

  • AED 12

Ever wondered how Dubai’s beautiful landscape looked from the top? Well, here’s your chance to see this amazing picturesque in an hour long hot air balloon ride. Treat your eyes to these mesmerizing views and make the most of it by capturing the mesmerizing beauty of this emirate in your camera. You will have spectacular opportunities for photography. The Dubai creek, the endless deserts, the breathtaking ancient as well as modern architecture, is truly a captivating view from up there.

As the balloon gently glides over the sand dunes and the oasis you get to see the splendid natural beauty of Dubai. With the wandering camels and rugged mountains, your cameras won’t stop clicking fervently. Plan your ride as such that you can witness the enticing sunrise or sunset in Dubai. Enjoy the light refreshments after you land from this enthralling trip.

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