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The transformation that Dubai has undergone is not only humongous but is also marvelling.  It is a truly cosmopolitan city and is one of the fastest growing cities in the Middle East. The hotels in Dubai are nothing short of magnificence.

The splendid Burj Dubai is the epic centre of this bustling emirate. Also, the Burj Al Arab is one of the best 7 star hotels in the world. Also, there are some other wonders like the Palm islands, the Dubai waterfront and the Dubai sports city complexes. This elegant city is full of hotels which are epitomes of luxury, comfort and first-class experience.

Well, if your pocket does not let you spend a bomb, you can try the more affordable two and three stars hotels which are equally comfortable. We at Dubai Tour Company, try to bring you the best possible accommodations as per your budget. We assist you with all types of hotel bookings. Also, if you are looking out for something more thrilling and adventurous, we are quite capable of arranging an overnight camp in Dubai.

What’s the plus point of working with us? Our bookings bring you the advantage of entertainment, dining and more accommodation options than the usual, all of a high-class calibre.


Dubai Hotel Offers

Hotel Dusit Thani Hotel Royal Ascot Hotel Ascot
AED 900/- per night | per Double room | with breakfast
AED 580/- per night | per Double room | with breakfast
AED 460/- per night | per Double room | with breakfast
Rose Garden Hotel Grand Midwest Deluxe Hotel Imperial Suites
AED 420/- per night | per Double room | with breakfast
AED 340/- per night | per Double room | with breakfast
AED 370/- per night | per Double room | with breakfast
Hotel Rush Inn Note:
All rates are subject to availability at the time of booking.
AED 280/- per night | per Double room | with breakfast





In Dubai, you can choose from a humongous array of options when it comes to cars. Dubai car rentals can be done on budget or economy rental modes as well. If you are willing to splurge more and have that much of a budget, you can opt for luxury models of cars as well. We have expert corporate travel agents who can guide you with what model would be best suited for you, as per your needs and requirements.

Well, after you have picked up the vehicle of your choice, be rest assured, your safety has been taken care of. We have an extensive network all over UAE; we provide you with vehicles anywhere you want them, whenever you want them.

Daily Rental

The best part with our company is that your vehicle is booked at the very instant you choose it and is also delivered to you for immediate usage. We are quite flexible in our workings. You can pick up our vehicle at one location and drop it off at another one, anywhere in the UAE. This makes it easy for you to travel between meetings and rendezvous areas.

Weekly Rental

We also offer long-term rentals. They start with weekly rentals. These long –term rentals have a better pricing that can be profitable to you. Apart from this, we also offer you privileges with mileage and usage of the vehicle.

Monthly Rental

Our long-term rentals next expand to provide you with monthly-rentals. We offer you pricing, usage as well as mileage privileges. The brownie point here is that you have various self-drive car rental options.

Yearly Rental

Well, you might be looking forward to a yearly rental for cars and Dubai Tour Company is just capable of providing you with the same. We have all-terrain and utility vehicles in this segment to choose from. Also, we have amazing competitive prices and there are many more perks for this yearly package. 




There’s so much to do and so much to see when it comes to activities and sightseeing in Dubai. you will never fall short of ‘things to do’ in Dubai. Right from safaris in the deserts to fishing in the deep sea of Dubai, you have a wide array of options to choose from when it comes to spending quality time in this city.

Dubai Tour Company offers you exclusive tour packages in UAE wherein there are a lot of adventure activities like deep-sea fishing, hot air balloon rides, quad bike, indoor snow skiing, mountaineering, quad biking and so much more to experience.

Well, that’s not all; you can have a lazy yet peaceful cruising experience in the Dubai creek on the dhow cruises. Besides, there are amazing shopping opportunities in Dubai. Right from the Dubai Mall to the Deira Centre, to the local gold and spice souks, these are places where you can literally shop till you drop!

You can also enjoy camel rides which can are one Arabian adventure you should definitely look forward to. Besides its amazingly cosmopolitan and is a budding business hub. We at Dubai Tour Company constantly strive to make your stay in Dubai a memorable one.

Take a look at our listed sightseeing and activities and you can kick-start your safari tours in Dubai with the amazing options that we provide you with. Our packages are unique and the best that you could get. Right from booking the right car rentals to the dhow of your choice, we make sure that you get the best as per your requirements.

Dubai City Tours Dubai Shopping Tours Abu Dhabi City Tours
(Rate: AED 120 per adult AED 90 per child)
(Rate: AED 120 per adult AED 90 per child)
(Rate: AED 360 per adult AED 290 per child)
Sharjah & Ajman City Tours East Coast Tours Sand & Snow Skiing
(Rate: AED 160 per adult AED 130 per child)
(Rate: AED 360 per adult AED 290 per child)
(AED 675)
Evening Desert Safari Dubai, Overnight Desert Camping In UAE Dhow Cruise Dubai Quad Bike Desert Safari, Quad Bike In Dubai
(Rate: AED 200 per adult AED 160 per child)
(Rate: AED 140 per adult AED 105 per child )
QUAD BIKE DESERT SAFARI (Rate : Morning: AED 360/- per person. Evening: AED 450/- per person.)




We at Dubai Tour Company also provide you information concerning visa requirements for those who want to travel to the UAE only for a conference or simply a desert safari. However, please bear in mind that the regulations and the costs for the visas are subject to change. What you also need to be concerned about is that you should not over stay the date mentioned on your visa; this will only result into detentions and fines.

Visit Visa

People who are citizens of the United Kingdom are granted a free-of-charge visit visa. When you arrive in the UAE, your passport will be stamped as that of a visit visa as you pass through the immigrations at any airport in the UAE.

Tourist Visa

This is a special category of visit visa and it is available for individual tourists. People from East and West Europe are not entitled to be issued with a visa on arrival. It is also applicable for visitors from Thailand, South Africa and China. The tourist visa, which will be sponsored by our travel company in UAE, entitles its holders to a 30-day stay and cannot be renewed.





Transfer Services






Airport Transfer

Our company is efficient in providing airport transfers for business and leisure travellers. Also, we extend the same to tourists. We have regularly updated information which makes us so efficient. Also, you can be thus ensured that all our arrivals and departures are co ordinate to the very last minute. We make sure that our emphasis is on first-class technology and rapid communication so that our services remain updated.

Local Transfer

Our local usage packages are very flexible and allow you to use the vehicle for any number of hours or kilometres. A car rental is generally priced for 1hr/10km multiples and 4 hr/40km, 8hr/80 km, etc. Trained chauffeurs are equipped with mobiles on their person and hand over their personal card to you when you get into the car so that you can contact them as soon as you finish your meeting.

Intercity Travel

We even provide Inter City Chauffeur Drive packages especially on the highways in Dubai and around U.A.E. cities. Our drivers are professionally trained to handle the heavy traffic on these inter-city highways and are well acquainted with local city directions.

Daily Rental

Our daily rental service options under the chauffeur or self-drive module have been so designed as to offer you flexibility in terms of usage hours and mileage. You can choose from a range of Sedans or SUV’s complete with a DVD player, Play Station and a small refrigerator.

Our travel company in UAE confirms your booking instantly and the car of your choosing is delivered to you for use for a day or more. You also have the option to pick up your car in one location and return it to another area in the UAE, making it excellent for shuttling between meetings and rendezvous points.

Weekly Rental

The long-term rentals begin with weekly rentals. These long-term car rental schemes grant user privileges like better pricing, usage and mileage.

Monthly Rental

Should you be looking for a monthly vehicular rental, we have different self-drive car rental options. Monthly rentals too bestow the user with pricing, usage and mileage privileges.

Yearly Rental

For those looking at a yearly rental option we have very attractive car rental packages on a wide range of all-terrain and utility vehicles. Dubai Tour Company’s pricing for these rental options are very competitive and have been combined with a host of special benefits so that you get a great deal.