Dubai Helicopter Tour/Ride


Dubai is a place of luxury and majesty. It has transformed from a mere pearl diving city to one of the most cosmopolitan and modernized cities in the world. With the most unique and enthralling architectural structures, this place is nothing short of a wonderland.  Enjoy the view of this royal emirate from an eagle’s eye perspective. While you enjoy being in the skies of this souk city, you will see a perfect distinction between the old and new Dubai. You will enjoy seeing how this emirate has maintained its cultural heritage and yet has gone to be the most up to date cities in the world.

Treat your eyes to the spellbinding views of the Palm Jumeirah beach, the Burj Al Arab hotel and many other enchanting views that the emirate has to offer.  What you are actually in for is seeing a city which swears by being the 21st century place with all the nature and technology being perfectly compatible. Hop on to the chopper and take back memories you will keep for your lifetime!

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